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David Ritchey Author

David Ritchey has had a variety of vocations including naval officer, businessman, fine art photographer, psychotherapist, researcher, and writer. He has also had a variety of avocations including scuba diving, sailing, skiing, tennis, golf, gardening, woodworking, dogs, magic, bridge, and SCRABBLE™. Not surprisingly, then, he has written about a variety of different subjects.

Initially educated in economics at Yale University, he then served a five-year stint as an officer in the U.S. Navy, including a year in Vietnam. Returning to civilian life, he first drew on his college education and became a businessman. Before long, however, he realized that his inclinations were more of the artistic sort, and he took up fine art photography.

While immersed in the world of art, he became fascinated by the psychology/neurology of creativity, and returned to school to train as a psychotherapist. During his 15 years of clinical practice, specializing in hypnotherapy, he became especially interested in the psychodynamics of those clients who reported having had transpersonal (“paranormal”) experiences. He then undertook a twelve-year project of researching and writing about such people, who he speaks of as “Anomalously Sensitive Persons (ASPs).”

When his daughter opened an art gallery on Cape Cod, he became her business manager and spent a few years as both a businessman and a fine art photographer.

Now “retired,” he spends most of his time writing about those subjects that have been of special interest to him throughout the course of his lifetime.

He currently lives in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his golden retriever, Katherine.   He has two grown children, Harper and Mac, and a grandson, Brendan.

David Ritchey's golden retriever, Katherine